About Balabushka

Known as the highest quality cue, Balabushka cues represent the pinnacle of prestige in the world of pool cues and billiards.  An original Balabushka pool cue is extremely rare and can only be found through collectors and auctions.  Typically, an original Balabushka cue will sell in the tens of thousands of dollars.

George Balabushka died in 1975, but the cues continue to live on.  Balabushka  cues were re-introduced in the 1980’s with the permission and license by the family of the late George Balabushka.  These Balabushka replicas continue to be in high demand by players and collectors alike.

Balabushka replicas typically feature:

* Irish Linen Wraps
* 13mm Pro Taper Shafts
* Birdseye Maple Forearms
* Stainless Steel Joints
* A Replica George Balabushka Signature

Pricing on Balabushka replica cues typically range from $350 to $1,000+.  While these cues are replicas, they continue to carry the high quality standards of the original Balabushka pool cues.

For more information about George Balabushka, please visit his Wikipedia page.